Pre Train



NutrID Pre Train is a pre workout supplement developed for High Intensity Training (HIT). For most of the pre work out supplements in the market the ingredients are not scientifically proven. NutrID Pre Train contains only proven ingredients.

  • Creatine hydrochloride – Gives more explosive power
  • Beta-alanine – Lactic acid blocker intracellular
  • Bicarbonate – Lactic acid blocker extracellular
  • Citrullinmalate – Ammonia blocker and  Increases oxygen delivery to the muscles
  • Cafein – Energy and promotes mental alertness. It decreases the perceived effort.

The NutrID Pre Train can be customized with the amount of cafein. Cafein works. Not adding this to the Pre Train makes the pre workout supplements less effective. You decide if you take 0mg, 100mg or 200mg per scoop (per high intensity training session)

As we will not do every day a high intensity training session, we do need to buffer creatine and beta-alanine on the non (intensity) training days. During these days you take one scoop NutrID BTWN Train. It keeps creatine and beta-alanine levels high. And supports the body other important ingredients to let you perform at your best during the intense training sessions.

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