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In spring of 2017 the first NutrID products were tested under intense training on the island of Mallorca, Spain. The search for a highly concentrated carb product was started half year before. In those days triathletes would squeeze 20-40 gels into a drinking bottle to get the all important energy easily to them during the bike part. Beside the environmental impact of all these gel packaging material this is also a more expensive way to themake the perfect energy fuel directly straight in your bottle. The search for this high quality product resulted into the NutrID Kerosine.

“After 6hrs bike ride we came back at the hotel.

This stuff is not normal!

This works like rocketfuel! The name Kerosine

was born that day..”

As for all endurance sport events that take longer then three hours the key for performance it to keep energy levels high during the event. As there is a limited glycogen storage in our bodies for 90min intense workout, we need to supply more energy to the body. Untill 2011 recommended carbohydrate intake was set to 60-70g carbs per hour. Although nowadays sport nutrition brands and sportdietists recommend to take up to 90g of carbohydrate per hour the limit of carbohydrate intake is even then not reached. As recent studies showed us that a 120g carbohydrate per hour is possible and has benefits! We do not say that everyone needs to aim that high. But it shows us why personalised sport nutrition is the future. For some ahtletes the 60-70g carbohydrate per hour will still be enough. Others will go for the 90g carbohydate per hour and a group will end up using the 100 -120g carbohydrate per hour. The most important factor : Train you race nutrition! It can not be said too much..

“The time of one-product-fitts-all is history.

NutrID brings you highly customized nutrition strategies.

Boost your personal performance!”

NutrID Kerosine

The NutrID line of products is developed by passionate athletes and researchers themself. We are a compact organisation who are not driven by investment groups or stockholders. We can produce, market and develop products free of interference. We do not have to say untruth things concerning our products. If a product is not needed for an athlete best performance we do not bring it on the market. This is the eye opener : missing a product in our range? You do not need it..

This is the eye opener : missing a product in our range? You do not need it..

We started this brand in 2017 for performance oriented athletes. We are happy to help you with the search to your optimal race nutrition. If there are questions or feedback you like to share do not hesitate to contact us. Together we make something really unique!