NutrID Kerosine is an innovative hypertonic energy race shake to provide maximal carbs intake through the intestinal system. Fast stomach emptying as an result of a unique mix of clustered C-dextrin and supported carbs to make an one in a kind performance race nutrition. The blend will result in a continues flow of carbs towards the muscles during endurance sport events as no other product in the market.

NutriD Kerosine can be personalised. Advise is to start with the RATIO 2:1 (glucose : fructose). This will bring a carb intake of 90g an hour. The higher ratios (3:2 and 1:1) will leed up to a carb intake of respectively 100 and 120g an hour. The stomach / intestine tolerance for higher levels of carbs intake will differ for differtent athletes. The stomach and intestines are trainable for nutrition intake. Always test your race nutrition before using it in competition.

Optional add the right amount of cafein based on your own bodyweight and cafein response. Athletes prone to stomach and/or intestine problems during running : use our NutrID Kerosine RS+

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

maltodextrin, fructose, cluster dextrin, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium chloride, calcium citrate, optional flavor, optional cafein.



Nutritional value 100g

Energy : 1610 KJ / 385 Kcal – Protein : 0g – Fat : 0g – Carbohydrate : 97g (Sugars : depending on ratio 33-45g) – salt : 1.2g