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REC Night – Recovery shake before sleep. Research shows that extra protein before sleep will result in better protein synthesis and recovery during the night. NutrID REC night will for a long period release amino acids for absorption in the intestines during your sleep.

Protein synthesis will be better supported with new amino acids entering the body. The breakdown of muscles tissues on other places in the body will be more prevented as a result of this.

Leucine (the most important essential amino acid) plays an important role in protein synthesis and to prevent muscle breakdown. Personalise your NutrID REC Night by a higher dosage of leucine to the REC Night. Know that extra Leucine will make the shake a little bit more bitter. Amino acid Tryptophan is best known for being a precursor of both Serotonin and Melatonin. Tyrosine for emotional mood. The NutrID REC Night can be further personalised with your protein/carb ratio.

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