KerosineRS+ is a fastest absorbing concentrated energy drink with minimal stomach and intestine load. The KerosineRS+ is unflavoured and is specially developed for running. The requirements for sportnutrition are higher during running as a result of higher load on the stomach and intestines. The KerosineRS+ is free of fructose at the ratio 1:0  and is a good choice of athletes who suffer fructose intolerance. This KerosineRS+ ratio can digest up to 60g of carbs an hour. By choosing an other ratio fructose will be added to make it possible to digest up to 90g of carbs an hour. Ratio 6:1 use this to digest up to 70g of carbs an hour. Ratio 3:1 up to 80g an hour and ratio 2:1 up to 90g an hour. Everybody can now get the best ratio for personal use in races!

Unique is the option to add the amount of elektrolytes based on the wheather climate in racing. In extreme hot wheather circumstances choose option HOT otherwhise COOL or NORMAL.

Optional add the right amount of cafein to the NutrID KerosineRS+ based on your bodyweight and cafein response. Athletes who do NOT have stomach / intestine issues with (higher amounts) of fructose : you can also use our NutrID Kerosine

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