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NutrID REC Train is a personalised recovery shake. Use it DIRECTLY after training or racing. Choose your own type of protein, personalize protein/carb ratio and have the option to add a high(er) amount of the MOST essential amino acid Leucine to your own shake.

The time of one-size-fitts-all is over. Personalised Sport nutrition is the future. General advice : men endurance sport : protein/carb ratio 25-75 or 50-50. Women endurance sport : protein/carb ratio 50-50 or 75-25. Men of women who are doing less endurance will burn less carbs and choose higher amount of protein. Adding the essential amino acid Leucine will rise the quality of your recovery shake. Leucine plays an important role in accelerating the protein synthesis after excercise. It also protects against loss of muscle tissues. On the other hand a higher amount of Leucine influences the taste of your shake. It will make it more bitter. So decide yourself if quality or taste is more important in your recovery shake.

For athletes who suffer fructose intolerance NutrID gives the option to produce your shake free of fructose. If your like your recovery shake to be fully plant based : NutrID REC TRAIN PB (plant based)

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